Hair Removal

We are happy to offer a free consultation if you would like to discuss which treatment is the most suitable for you. Just phone reception on 01793 784444 for a no obligation appointment.


We use a combination of different wax depending on the area being treated. Lycon hot wax, for the least painful Brazilian or Hollywood wax ever! Australian Body Care tea tree wax for smaller areas, and an Azulene roller wax for the larger areas.

Treatment prices

Half leg £20.00
Three quarter leg £25.00
Full leg £30.00
Full leg and bikini £38.00
Full leg, bikini and underarm £45.00
1/2 leg, bikini and underarm £38.00 Bikini line £14.00
Thong bikini line £18.00

Brazilian/Hollywood £30.00
Underarm £12.00
Back £20.00
Half arm £15.00
Arm £18.00

Facial waxing/threading
Lip £8.00
Chin £9.00
Eyebrows £12.00
Nose £8.00
Cheeks £10.00

Alkaline Wash

Pain free downy hair removal. This treatment uses a ‘paste’ which effectively dissolves all finer downy hair. It is a treatment that can progressively reduce the hair on a long term basis. The pricing of the first treatment includes the compulsory aftercare products. A patch test, is compulsory least 24 hours before the first treatment.

Treatment prices

First treatment £60 / £70 / £85
(depending on area)
Upper lip or chin £22.00
Cheeks £35.00
Lower face £50.00

Epil pro – £17.00 per treatment

Epilpro is a cost effective alternative to IPL for clients who may be unable to have either of these treatments due to medical reasons.